November 2021

I “gotta” a band!

I was ready and determined to look for musicians to make up a full band. I already had a drummer, a guitarist and a keyboardist in mind. The first person I reached out to was Flavio, who was playing with me in those side projects I mentioned before. He always pushed me to record my songs and make something more serious. The second person was Ralf Caetano, a really skilled guitarist who stopped playing music live by option. Then, I reached out to Bobby Lopes,… Read More »I “gotta” a band!

During Lockdown

As a full-time musician, the pandemic was devastating to me. Live music represents 80% of a local artist’s income which means, if we can’t play, we don’t have an income. However, the lockdowns we all went through, gave me the opportunity to focus on the next step, Mute Sounds albums, to be more specific. All the songs I had written when I was at the hospital, I took them and started to record them all, but this time, not only acoustically. I started to add… Read More »During Lockdown